Monday, March 30, 2015

What our schoolwork looks like

We are studying animals.

This is called a lapbook- made from a Manila folder

Info can be added to the folder in many interesting ways

We are currently studying mammals

Each boy can choose a mammal to research from the category we study

We are learning the order in which the states joined the Union and what some few particulars of each state are.

The 1st state to join the Union

The 11th state - we did this paper today

We are being introduced to the presidents one by one.

We continue to learn about world history as we study American history.

For Math the two youngest are doing a book in the Life of Fred series. Whenever we come across a highlighted word(s) in the text, I have them illustrate it or write a definition to put in a Math lapbook. Matthew is using an online math - Khan Academy.

We enjoy story books that enlarge on the history of individuals.

What is your favorite animal?

How do you deal with the horrors from history like the Reign of Terror?

Do you have a biography to recommend?

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