Friday, April 20, 2018

A Capella Gospel Sing

Do you enjoy good, acapella music? If you are unaware of an annual event in Indiana, I will introduce you to it.

This year was the 8th annual A Capella Gospel Sing. We had heard of it some time ago but it didn't really sink in what it was. Then in 2016 we watched replays of the prior year's event.

About that time, Thomas' cousin's husband asked Stephen to come help him with some of the techy stuff at AGS. Stephen was at the 2016 event and we watched it on the live stream.

Last year we again enjoyed watching the event via live stream. Singing groups come and go and every year we look forward to more good singing.

Usually one group of singers, be it a quartet, family or whatever, will have about three different time slots to sing in throughout the weekend.

This year AGS has a YouTube channel and has taken the singing from each group and compiled one video per group containing all the singing they did throughout the weekend.

I enjoyed the replays of the daily events but I enjoy these compilations even more. Now that you know about it, you can enjoy it as well.

This year there was a "Homecoming" where every group that had ever sung at AGS was invited back. Some came and some did not. A couple videos were played, reminiscent of former times/groups.

The ladies' trio in these videos is one that my cousin Merry Yoder sang with. She is the singer on the far left. The lady in the center passed away from cancer.

Click here to go to the AGS YouTube channel. Click here to go to their website. Travel to Indiana next year to be present at the event.


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