Sunday, November 30, 2014

Well I have regressed. Something happened to make me busy I guess.

We are in PA. We came very early Wed morning this past week, trying to beat the storm that was predicted at home. We were grateful to have escaped. Reports from home said close to 2 feet of snow. We are hoping that by the time we get home tomorrow it will have greatly decreased.

Carl & Yvonne Shaum have graciously hosted us in their big house these days. Matthew said today that he thinks he has gained weight with not much exercise and big meals. I can't imagine it would be anything permanent for him. The 3 youngest went out after lunch and played football for awhile so he's probably worked it off already.

We have occupied our time with cooking, games, walks, building a snowman, shopping, sewing, a tour of Wendell August, laundry, going to a church service, puzzles, singing and sharing. It has been a good week and we are ready to go home in the morning.

What will we do when we get there? Get back in the swing of school and housekeeping. The boys dug some potatoes before we left. Some of them (potatoes) are partially frozen and I don't have a good place for storing the others. I will need to can or freeze them to preserve them. There are also apples waiting to be sauced and frozen or canned. I think I have plenty to do!

It's time for soft pretzels and veggies & dip so I will leave this and return at a more convenient date.