Saturday, February 9, 2019


Here's another simple recipe for those times you can't think what to cook at five o'clock in the evening.

Dump a bunch of cans of stuff in a kettle, heat it through and serve it up!
We called it goulash when I was growing up. My family really likes it. I served it with cheese slices, cornbread and applesauce the last time I made it. Toasted cheese sandwiches would be good if you're bread eaters.

Here's what you need... 
1 qt cooked pinto beans
1 qt tomato chunks
1 qt green beans
1 pack of hot dogs, cut in coins

That's the basic recipe. You can tweak it how you will. I used a can of baked beans plus the pinto beans. I also added a bit of leftover salsa. All because I didn't even have one qt of tomatoes.
Then I like meat that is a little more real than hot dogs so I used some uncured Polish sausage I found at the discount grocery store.
So there you have it. Plain and simple and oh so good!