Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Diana Grace

She's here! 
Squeaky new

 Diana Grace because she came to us through Divine grace. We feel like she is a miracle from heaven in a special way and the grace of God has been guiding and will continue to guide her life for His purpose.

With Cousin Cecelia

Oh yes, she's five months old already! And where has the time gone? Obviously it's been a whole new learning curve for this old, new mama. It's not quite as easy as when I was younger but in some ways it's easier. 

When I am weary I have a husband and sons who look after baby while I take a nap or just sleep later in the morning. I try to keep food prepared so that they can easily get their own breakfast. Usually there are enough leftovers on hand to make lunch packing simple as well.

Right now Christopher has Diana outside in the stroller so I think I'll go take a nap and write more later. I just needed to get a start back here in some small way.