Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Photo tour

One little flower corner

The lemon colored lily

I took this photo because this flower garden looks like such a jungle. Then I went into it and took close-up photos of the beautiful lilies therein. They follow.

This is Stephen's radish patch. I was intrigued by the spiral.

Our corn patch(es). The second planting is obviously not much. :)

The potatoes

Butternut squash

Loaded pear tree

Lily in the orchard



Another orchard lily

Lettuce (and weeds!)


A volunteer butternut squash. It took over.


If you've been following you will remember that I started these from seeds of an heirloom tomato 

Rose of Sharon I think

I am fascinated by all the different colors of lilies


Wildflower. Jewelweed

Thomas and the boys worked together to make a screened in porch/deck combo this summer. Here is a shot before starting and then you will see the progression following. Here are Thomas and Austin. All photo credits from the building go to Stephen.
Thomas and Austin


Matthew, Thomas and Austin



Interior of screened in porch

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