Monday, October 5, 2015

A new venture

My sister-in-law wondered if I know how to say, "No"? We started something new this past week to add to our already full schedule.A local market asked whether I would use their produce to bake pies and zucchini bread for them to sell. I was thrilled. The bread doesn't tempt me like the pie. Pie is my "fun" thing to bake.

Tuesday evening I helped Melvin & Christopher get started with some little painting-by-number cards. They got hooked and spent any extra time they had doing it. They would be at it early in the morning and late in the eve.

The market wanted me to put zucchini and peaches in the freezer so I can keep making bread and pies once these items are out of season. So that meant I needed to move the tomatoes out of the freezer that I had stored up this summer to make juice and soup.

So with a very rainy week we kept ourselves very occupied indoors.  

What did you do this past week while the rain fell?

Or maybe you had a dry, sunny week?

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