Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sierra- a missionary

I met a girl last Saturday evening who is working in the city. She grew up with parents who were not Christians. She was saved as a young person and joined a Baptist church. She began to see the inconsistencies in the church she was a part of and eventually became part of an Anabaptist church.

Sierra took college training and began searching for a school to teach. For five years she searched. Often she was accepted until she appeared in person. Then suddenly she was told they had a replacement for her. She wondered if her plain clothing and head covering were the reasons she was rejected.

Now she is teaching (out of desperation) at a psychiatric ward. She teaches history, I believe. She has been attacked on occasion by the students, and has had to go to the hospital for treatment. Sierra believes some of the students are demon possessed, although they are there with medical names for their problems. One girl who is a Satanist came at her head recently and tried unsuccessfully to remove her head covering. (Don't try to tell me that a head covering for women is unimportant!)

This courageous lady works regular workday weeks- not school hours. So she puts in long days working with people who have committed crimes, etc. 

I asked Sierra if she has anyone praying for her while she's in there. She said she doesn't have anyone specifically. This post is written so that you might join in prayer for her as she ministers to these dear people. She says it's a real mission field in there but most people see her only as a "teacher". Maybe if she had the label of "missionary" someone would be praying for her!

Will you pray for Sierra?

In the comments, please let the world know which day you will commit to praying for her.

I will pray on Monday.

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