Thursday, May 25, 2017

Life in May

 My parents, sister Verina, uncle Lloyd & I went to Alabama for my uncle Elvin Yoder's funeral. It was good to see family again. Because of the lack of ladies in our house, I almost never leave. It is rather disastrous when I do go. Lots of things piled up for when I come back.
 There was lots of road to travel.
We were impressed with the handmade furniture where we stayed overnight with the Lowell Brennemen family. They have talented sons.

 Must have been a space museum here. ???
  Melvin and I cleaned the pantry. He had an elevated position.
Much time was spent preparing for the spring school concert. I shot a few pictures during the final awesome song, God is an Awesome God. The lights were dim and they had a slideshow going behind them of colorful and artistic nebulae.

L-R Matthew, Austin, Stephen, Christopher, Melvin (circled)
 So many flowers blooming now. I was intrigued with this one RED peony.

 This sight thrills my heart. Our dyslexic son buried in a book! 
A normal sight for the one below.

How has your May been?

What is planned for the rest of the month?

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