Tuesday, October 16, 2018

He's Off!

Here he is looking out over the Pacific
September 24th marked a new day in our lives. Our oldest son Stephen left for a year or more of voluntary service at Penn Valley Christian Retreat in PA. The dynamics of our family life have naturally changed with the oldest son gone. Especially one who is a dynamic leader and who wants constant activity.

Here is what the outdoors looks like at the retreat, from the front porch. I took panoramic shots from a seat on the porch.

Two hotels

Up on the hill is his apartment

As one of the two maintenance men, he is responsible for mowing and trimming, snow pushing, dish washing, setting up for events, cleaning and I really don't know what all. Go visit to see him at work. 

Here is my latest letter to Stephen, written yesterday-

Today is a cool, wet day. We actually have a fire in the wood stove since yesterday morning. I probably wouldn't have had one today but Daddy is at home working at the desk so he wants it warm. I went out to the garden barefooted and pulled weeds a little while.

The guys are more or less sitting around today. Matthew took the drain/garbage disposal out of the left sink in the crazy room. It was leaking into the cabinet below.

Melvin, Christopher and I did our Bible study and read-aloud before moving on to other things. We're reading the book about Laura Ingalls' school days under Miss Wilder. They both took up the book (at different times) after I quit reading today and were reading it to themselves. They couldn't wait for the next installment.

The last couple Sundays most of the ministers have been gone. Winstons, of course, are in Australia. Elmer is on a CLE trip. Steve was here but I guess he doesn't take full responsibility yet so Daddy was moderator again. Dan preached and he's still doing his ABC preaching. His subject was Knock. Speaking of Jesus knocking at our hearts and us knocking as in ask, seek and knock. 

Eldon's son Virlin and family were visiting. A lot of the youth were gone- Rosalyn and Chris, the Wengerds, Allens' youth and Dans' three youngest. Cynthia has been in Indiana for a couple weeks helping her Grandma who fractured her wrist. Some of the Miller girls were with Allens. Kim was home from SMBI but went back in the evening.

Four families are going to Miss Linda's wedding - Genes (also taking Dominic), Waynes, Dans and Allens. Monica can't travel right now, being quite large with child. Due soon.

Speaking of which... Sylvia will be helping her. Then Melody in TX wants Sylvia to help her after that. It's kind of a close shave if Monica is late with her baby. :( Praying it all works out. 

I just read Gladys' letter today and she said Ray is going to be at Penn Valley soon. That's my cousin Ray from TX. Just so you know.... :)

Last evening we had a local program at church. The theme was the Bible. Vernon opened by talking about fulfilled prophecies from the Bible. Then Keith and Randall had a Bible Quiz and Grandpa had children's class. We had snack afterward instead of a fellowship meal for lunch. Probably so the day wouldn't be quite so full, though I never did hear why they did it that way. We had "Chick Fil-A" sandwiches for snack/supper. Or Lori's version of it. We took chicken patties. Plus salties and sweets. 

Daddy had door jobs every day last week including Saturday. Austin worked at Orvals all week, painting the living room and kitchen area. She also wanted shutters painted outside. She said just the ones on the porch. Then she realized later that there are more on the front of the house so she wants those done now sometime. 

We took Grandpa to Dr Betsy on Wed for a checkup to find out why he's so bloated and miserable. She said his digestive system is in very poor shape and told him to stay away from all grains. She also gave him a bunch of supplements to take.

Grandma said, If we can just find something for him to eat instead of crackers! He said, You act like I eat a lot of crackers! She said, You do! He said, No, I don't! Lol

My secret sister gave me a large container filled with fruit (apples, pears, pineapple, oranges, grapes, bananas, lemons) and peanuts in the shell. Also some fruit candies throughout and a Snickers bar in the bottom. I said if it's who I think, she doesn't take me serious that I don't eat sugar or else she put the Snickers Bar in for Daddy. :)

Well, I better move on and get some laundry done and supper made. Though I have no clue what to make and it's already 4:30. What are you having to eat these days?

(Later- I made rice and stir fry and cherry cobbler.)

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