Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Just Daily Doings

It must be a weekly thing right now to get an arctic blast. Today the temperature is 10° with a "real feel" of minus 5-14. Tomorrow's forecast says wind chills of -14. The guys went out and cut a load of firewood today. I guess they thought that would be a warmer job than door installation.

Plus Thomas is the man for the topic at Bible study this evening so he wanted some time to study for that. 

Austin and Matthew went this late afternoon to unload doors at the shop. Eight doors came in on this load. Melvin is busy with his hatchet at the cow's water trough. That's a sheet of ice he's thrown that you see between the rails.
I've been doing housework, reading and writing today. Fighting a headache so am not very active. Laundry and kitchen work are all I'm getting done.

The boys feel certain that their time for ice skating has come this week. If it weren't for Bible study this evening they would likely be on a pond somewhere. But maybe tomorrow evening or the next. It doesn't appear as though it will warm up until Saturday.

On Monday Thomas made a second trip to his mom's place in southern WV, taking Melvin with him. They didn't have quite as long a day as they did last week and feel certain that the water lines are repaired in the house now. The water source is a spring in a cave so they traced the lines back to the source and saw that there is a good bit of work to be done there yet. There are whole sections of the line missing. Which means yet another trip.

Thomas was thankful to be able to send Austin and Matthew out for a three door installation on Monday. They can do it on their own now which is a tremendous blessing.

Last evening the guys were all gone to Romney for another evening of work on the Kid's Club building. They report good progress. Will it be ready for Kid's Club to begin in March? 

A group from here, along with people from elsewhere, went to Honduras for a week of Bible school for the native children this week. This is the third year they've done it, I believe. 

In my last post I mentioned Melvin's thirst for reading. He gathered up the books he's read recently so he could record them. I snapped a picture of the stack. The fat book on the bottom is a (well read or used) Sherlock Holmes collection.
We ate a late breakfast today and a very late lunch so I made a peach cobbler for a light "meal" before Bible study. It's something quick and good. I don't know what they'll want to eat when they get home. I'm not going but even if I did, I wouldn't want to eat again when I got home. But they do! Long, hollow legs. Lol

My nose is running a lot today. Don't know if I'm fighting a cold? Or is it because I read of another mother's miscarriage? (That DID make my nose run sorely. I know that kind of loss too well.) Or because I cut up onions? Or maybe all of the above.

I've been reading a lot. Free Kindle books. G. A. Henty books. The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew. Also On Sunday a friend gave me a magazine called Above Rubies. Very interesting family type stories/testimonies. She says the magazine is free.
Tell me about life in your world. Is it cold? Do you have animals to care for? Is your house warm? What challenges are you facing? 


  1. It's cold here and we are going to get snow. I try not to run our heater but it gets so cold in our house. The only animal we care for is our sweet cat Kirstie. She is very affectionate. Right now I'm trying to lose a few pounds.

    Exercises are hard for me because I'm out of shape. I do the best I can but it frustrating. I have to lose weight because I gained a lot and I'm prediabetic. My doctor wants me to exercise at least an hour five days a week. I can break it up throughout the day. My husband Tim brought in the stationary bike we got from our church rummage sale from a couple of years ago. It got some use when we bought it but then it became a "closet" that we all would throw our sweaters and jackets on. That is NOT going to happen this time.

    I love Above Rubies magazine. I've been getting it for several years now and we've been to their family retreats. I think you will enjoy it. I remember when all those boys on the cover were born or little.

    1. Do you have a place to walk? Walking is the best exercise. But for some reason it's hard for me to do. My sister lost weight when she was in Poland or some country where they must walk to go anywhere. She didn't diet. Just had to walk. We live a sedentary lifestyle!

  2. One thing I do want to point out though is there is an article on page 22 called "Can Children Be Saved?" and it's about child evangelism. I believe little children definitely need to learn about Jesus but I don't believe that if a little one passes away without praying "the singer's prayer" they are doomed. I was reading about this in tract I got from CLP a few years ago.
    That's another personal challenge I'm facing. My beliefs are more Anabaptist and so when my Baptist pastor says something I don't agree with, I try to keep a "poker face" and not react.

    I wanted the earth to swallow me up the Sunday he taught on the women's headcovering since I'm the only one who covers.

  3. I agree about child evangelism. Bless your heart for going against the tide. I envy your situation. No one can say, Oh,you do that because you're Mennonite. They must think a little deeper. :)