Thursday, March 21, 2013

Donut making

Austin will ask me sometimes if he may make donuts. He has helped at my parents' bakery. He found a recipe and this is the third time that he has made some. He makes them from start to finish with no help from me but Matthew likes to help him. We did a field day for the church school and homeschoolers today. They came to our neighbor John's shop where he makes concrete ornaments. He let them make some for themselves. Then we served donuts and hot chocolate. Allen & Joanna Stoltzfus were planning it with us and she furnished cinnamon rolls. Afterward the children played volleyball, rode bike and played whatever around here. Following is a chronology of donut making.

Austin has the dough mixing
Patting and rolling it

Matthew helps cut them out
Melvin watches

Matthew mixing glaze
Cut out donuts
Getting ready to fry them - Christopher commenting
A batch in the oil

Donuts half fried
Flipping process continues
All about ready
Taking them from the pan
Frying "holes"

Matthew does the glazing - he remarks about how messy his hands are

Putting a glazed donut on the rod to drip
A hanger full of donuts

The donut boys at work

Finished product - Want some? They don't last long!

I still don't know exactly how to work this whole blog thing. If anyone has any comments on things I should add, bring it on. I am mostly just playing around in the little time I have and am not being very "professional". Ha. Enjoy.

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  1. I liked all the pictures! :) Now I am hungry for donuts! Lol