Sunday, March 10, 2013

On a Sunday Morning

It is so beautiful this morning. I am feeling a bit blue because I didn't get to go to church. Melvin ended up being sick. I wasn't paying close attention. I did notice he didn't eat breakfast very well. When it was time to leave he was in tears and didn't feel up to going. He changed back into his pajamas and is taking it easy. Says his tummy hurts off and on. He's also been fighting a cold. Seems all the sicknesses end up here. Time to air out this house!

It is warming up nicely outdoors and I hear spring bird songs all around. In the hay field, I see robins galore, running hither and thither in search of worms. Melvin came and we were talking about how they find their worms. We did a Google search on the question and found some interesting info. Main method of search appears to be sight, according to studies done.Although all senses work together. 

This past week we got over a foot of snow. It was so beautiful but I am thankful to see it leave and have the warm weather pour in. Yes, Wednesday was the snow day and by today, the ground is pretty much bare.You can still see snow where it was piled up.
Table & Chairs on Patio
Bikes & van - snow piled on every ledge!
Under the big tree on the left sits a bench. In the final photo here you see a close-up of that bench.
Snow on the roof and tree
Piled on the poor evergreens. Notice the fence.
The log pile (work for boys)
The bench

Today is Fellowship dinner at church. We are on the food committee so someone will need to replace me in the kitchen. It's hard to sit here at home and think of all that good food over there. And fellowship. And preaching. And visitors I wanted to see. And Sun school I wanted to enjoy. We're studying in Acts. One community lady who comes to church says, "My dad says, 'It doesn't get interesting until you get in the book of Acts'".

I was up early to fix a dish of cheesy creamed potatoes, peas, and cheddar wurst and  a pan of chocolate pudding delight. Maybe they'll bring some home. :-)

Of course, 'early' this morning felt extra early with time change. Back to getting up in the dark. Not fun. Just when I had resolved to make getting up early a habit. Ha.

I read a book to Melvin after the others left and then cleaned up the kitchen. After which I resorted to the computer to read my devotionals from the past 3 days. I guess that was my Sun sermon. It was encouraging. Especially the one I  get called Standing Strong Through the Storm. I also get one with Spurgeon's sermons. The SSTTS encourages me to be bold for Jesus in this culture where so much is against Christ and Christianity.

This past week was a vacation week for us as homeschoolers. We are schooling year round this year. So far I am liking it. The basic schedule is 3 weeks on; one week off. Sometimes we do more than 3 weeks and then take off for more than one week. I like to save vacations for when we really need them. 

Hopefully soon we'll need some vacation time to plant garden. I am looking forward to that! Recently we've been working on the pruning that needs to be done in the orchard. Oh my! That is so much fun. I did the blackberry patch and am looking forward to bigger better fruit this summer. 

Last year we moved here in May so pruning time was behind us and the orchard was a neglected mess. Thomas has been working on the fruit trees with the boys' help. He also got the grape vine out of the apple trees. I still need to do the raspberries and blueberries. Also, the large blueberry patch on Jersey Mtn. 

There are a lot of ornamentals on the place in need of pruning and perennials in need of divisions. I want to move the asparagus out of the garden, replant the strawberries, and make an herb garden somewhere, too. The herbs are scattered here and there. I would like to pull them together.

Anything to get out in the fresh air and sunshine!

I stuck the pictures in under my paragraph about the snow. Then they suddenly got all rearranged once I added captions. Whatever. I might get this thing figured out one day.


  1. Hi, It's great to connect with other Wives and Moms in this way!! So glad you are blogging! :)

  2. Hey,great to catch up on your family a little! very interesting! and by the way,I really would like if I could get yours and Verinas addresses when you have a chance. Rhonda