Sunday, August 31, 2014

The week in pictures

One of our first projects this week was to pick and can the grapes. We just put grapes and water in the jar and canned it hot water bath style. Cooked them for 20 minutes. I like the color with the mixed blue and white grapes. 

On Wednesday afternoon we babysat Gene & Dorcas Ropp's two children. Christopher does real well with children. After looking at books and playing in the house a bit they went to the deck to play church. Christopher is the preacher and Carson the song leader.

While they were being entertained, Matthew and Melvin were making tomato juice and getting it into cans. I had cut up the tomatoes earlier and had them in the freezer.

I took this photo to show you how I keep juice from squirting all over the place. Take a piece of foil long enough to go over the spout and around the back down to the bucket.

On Friday we had a long day picking beans, tomatoes and corn at my sister's house and then bringing it home to get it canned (beans) and in the freezer (corn & tomatoes). We actually finished the beans and tomatoes on Saturday. 

Sometime this week we got some pickle relish made. The boys ground the cukes and onions for me. See the laptop in the background? Audio books keep them at their work.

We did do some academics too! Actually every morning Mon- Thurs we did lessons. Here's just one snapshot. Matthew's handwriting practice.

Have yourself a blessed week!

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