Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day

Our Labor Day wasn't totally a holiday. We had a heavier school schedule today, beginning with My Father's World's Exploration to 1850. 

We started a study of the book of James called, Boy Have I Got Problems. We intend to memorize the book of James this school year. 

I do a daily session with Melvin in Barton Reading & Spelling which is especially for dyslexic children. 

Melvin and Christopher are doing Intermediate Language Lessons which covers 3 years of study (4th-6th grades)

Matthew is doing All-In-One English. 

He also is doing a book study of Johnny Tremain. 

For History we have a number of books we are going through.

Exploring American History

The Last 500 Years

Building a City on a Hill

In God We Trust

There will be more later but that's all for this week.

(Sorry about the photos that are sideways. Just turn your computer on end. Ha.)

After lessons we went to work making food. Fixing lunch -coleslaw (leftovers someone gave us from yesterday's fellowship meal), beans and cornbread- and making food for a church picnic this eve- sloppy Joes, buns, grape juice and potato salad.

Thomas and the 3 youngest went to the church house early (2:00) to check on supplies and etc that trustees are responsible for. Stephen and Austin decided they would rather stay and milk before going over instead of stopping through a ball game to come home and milk. I stayed to finish the food and do lesson prep. 

It was 5:00 or better until we three left home. Because we are trustees I was responsible to look after getting the picnic together. I did get to sit and watch the ball game for awhile. They had so many playing that they made 3 teams that rotated. The ladies all helped to set the food out then so it wasn't like I had a lot of work to do. It's just that being responsible is a little heavier load. Everyone brought sloppy Joes, buns, a side and a drink. A simple and interesting meal.

We are having our dog days in an Indian summer this week. Upper 80's low 90's. At least it's not 100's. The boys thought they might get a swim in this week. Stephen was lamenting the other eve that he hasn't even swum this summer. And truly it has been such a cool summer there wasn't much of a chance. 

How was your Labor Day?

Did you have a hot summer or cool?

What are you studying this year? (You don't have to be "in school" to study!)

Would love to see your comments!

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