Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Of corn and tomatoes and other things

Tuesday September 2
Stephen raised corn this year. A week or so ago Matthew said it is ready. I kept bugging Stephen about what he is going to do with it. Finally this morning I told him he better just go pick it! He brought a nice amount of starchy corn in. We did that this evening after school work was done. We were so tired that lessons took a long time. Then the corn took awhile also because of the same. Thomas took Matthew out for a father-son evening.

I also made some cottage cheese. I had heated the milk to make yogurt yesterday and forgot it, so I turned it into cottage cheese.
This still needs to be crumbled and have cream and salt added to it. Yum!

Wednesday September 3
We did lessons this morning and then ran about. 
Still studying early Explorers of America

A friend said she had 10 dozen eggs and do I want them? I needed my sister's juicer for tomatoes. Another friend said I could pick the corn in her patch. She said it would probably be just enough for a meal. I went where she said it was and picked and picked. There were 5 banana boxes full. I wondered if I understood her correctly. She wasn't at home to ask. Another friend who is gone on vacation said I could pick her tomatoes so we did that and got a tomato box full. We came home at 4:30 and worked on tomatoes. Did 36 qt of juice. The boys went to the river for a swim around 6:30 or 7:00 and came back after dark. We went to bed around 10:00 and left the mess. Not totally but we didn't wash things up well.

Thursday September 4
I called my corn friend this morning and she said yes, I was supposed to get all the corn that was there. 
We had eaten some for supper before I took this photo.

No lessons today. We washed lots of dishes and did the corn. I have my weeks scheduled during September with Fridays off from school. That way when these days come up that produce needs to be done (NOW!) we can easily do it and still have a day to play with. It catches up to me when I have so much to do. I was quite weary again today and had to take an Ibuprofen to still a headache.

Friday September 5
We dove back into the books today. Began studying science once again. We had started a study of Astronomy that we are continuing. We finished the study of the sun today. 

I don't know why these turned sideways on me!

Know how hard it is to find pictures of the sun?!

Turn the wheel to view different things about the sun.

This afternoon the boys went to the church school for an hour of P.E. which consisted of a game of softball. Stephen went on from there with the youth group. They are camping this weekend and Sunday. (I don't think of Sunday as the weekend. It's the beginning of the week.) I cleaned part of the church sanctuary while the boys played. 

When we came home Thomas and I left for a shopping trip/date. We got a few necessary items and had a date at Golden Corral. Dates are too short and far between for all the matters a family our size needs to work on. But I treasure every one.

Can you tell us something interesting you've learned recently about the sun?

What are your dates like?

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