Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Week

This has been an interesting week! My brother LeRoy with his wife Anna (Ania) and 2 daughters Sarah and Naomi were with us from Saturday night through Tuesday morning. Sarah and Naomi are 21 mo old twins. I am sad that I didn't take any pictures of them while they were here! It was nice reconnecting with LeRoy and Ania and beginning to know the girls who I never saw before in person.

Friday, the 19th we took Matthew to the dentist because he was experiencing such pain in a tooth that we knew had a hole in it. Dentist said, "Abscessed tooth. Needs to be extracted or a root canal done." We didn't want either option. We had some time ago gotten the book Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel, because of a friend's recommendation. Well, we got serious about following this book's advice this past week along with following our natural doctor's advice. A whole new venture in cooking that will need a separate post. 

The main thing we need to do right now until the abscess is healed is to avoid all processed sugar, grains, beans, nuts and seeds. Take 1 teaspoon cod liver oil twice a day.

Sunday evening was the annual church Christmas caroling. I think we went into a total of at least 21 homes that evening. We divided into three groups. A snack was served for the church afterward in the church basement. 

That concluded our two year stint on the food committee. I am responsible for one of the food groups at our monthly sisters' sewings and am responsible for the food at some of the picnics that the trustees are responsible for so it feels like I almost never get a break from food assigning. I am wondering if I will know how to act now. It just feels real good to be free from that responsibility. It was one I never desired to have and didn't enjoy it. Just did my duty without feeling any real confidence.

Monday evening we were scheduled to have Bible study at the jail for the women. A freezing rain was forecast-ed so I called it off and was so glad I did as it got pretty icy that evening. I hope the ladies at the jail had some blessing that eve!

Overall we haven't had the bad winter weather that some predicted. Thankfully. It has been really mild the last few days. Yesterday it was 58 degrees! So different from the last two or more winters. Happy me!

Tuesday afternoon the school children did a bit of caroling in the community. I worked on cleaning the upstairs of the church house while they were gone and the boys helped me finish when they returned.

Tuesday morning LeRoy & family headed to my parent's place and we followed Wednesday night, leaving after the evening milking. Christmas Day was spent there with the men working on cutting wood for my parents' outdoor furnace. None of us children live in their community and we usually try to get the wood pile done annually. 

In the evening we enjoyed supper with the Soukup family who live close by. They came to my parents' place. Peter Soukup (17) and our boys got involved in a table game while the adults visited. It was 11:30 until we got to bed that night. 

Friday saw the wood pile completed and a water leak from the furnace fixed. My sister Verina and family came that morning. We left for home in the afternoon and Verina's family took our vacated beds.

Yesterday I spent most of the day running errands. We needed groceries and I also picked up 40 lbs of meat that was butchered for us while we were gone. They saved a nice amount of soup bones for me also, for which I am most grateful. One of the recommendations of the tooth healing diet is bone broth.

Austin was sick with a bad cold yesterday. Most of the boys have colds to some degree. I have been putting sliced onions on their feet at night. Stephen stepped in a thorn that left his foot painful and swollen. He stayed home from church this morning.

We didn't do much school work this week. I was in school myself, researching and cooking for this tooth healing venture. I think I'm getting the hang of it. The boys helped with things that needed to be done in preparation for traveling.

Jesus is coming soon! Quote from the message this morning- "If you are not experiencing glory in your life today there will be no glory for you in the great beyond."

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