Thursday, March 5, 2015

Anything from cows to church...

Okay. So this post is really strange. You just have to bear with me. It took me awhile to get it ready and now it's old. I wrote it on Feb 15. Enjoy it if you can.

The cow had a calf Jan 14, 2015. Oh wow! Is it 2015 already? For real? Yep! And a month and a half is gone now! What is happening? Slow down life! Oh back to the cow... Now we have plenty of milk. Enough to make some cheese occasionally plus drink all we want. I am not a big milk drinker but Thomas and the boys are.
A lively baby

My family- Daddy & Mama, all my siblings and all but one of the nieces & nephews- got together in TX toward the end of Jan. My three youngest sisters live about an hour south of Dallas and they hosted a family reunion. Rather their landlords and they hosted it. They did a super job of keeping the clan fed and entertained. Never a dull moment.
Parents and children
The brothers

The sisters in age from youngest to oldest

Spouses and grandchildren added (6 missing)

Large amounts of food needed!

We came back home, got settled back into our routine here and worked hard to get ready for a history fair that the school children were putting on. They gave that this past Friday evening. There was a list to pick up, at the beginning of the displays, with the names of the history characters. Then you needed to guess which student depicted which character.

Stephen gathered information on William Boeing since his main-most interest is airplanes.

Austin was Henry Ford. He did his best to dress up as Mr Ford but we absolutely couldn't find a knee length suit coat. He forgot to take his dress shirt along to the fair so he just wore his polo shirt. It worked okay.

Matthew spent many hours gathering information about George Handel and creatively displaying it. I think all his things were hand-written. I spent some time getting his clothes together. We found a ruffly women's shirt at a thrift store, sewed some lace to an overcoat, cut old khaki pants short and tucked them into long socks. We added belt buckles to his dress shoes to complete his outfit. He had part of The Messiah playing behind his board.

Melvin took an interest in Benjamin Franklin whose accomplishments were many and varied. He made a little cardboard shelf and stood a Lego man holding a string with a key and a kite attached. Too bad it didn't get into the photo. I had to help him a lot because he struggles to read and write. I would read things to him and then he would dictate to me how he wanted them written up. We also had work to get him out-fitted in colonial style dress. The canes they used were borrowed from their Lapp grandma.

Christopher wanted to represent Galileo Galilei. He found his experiments and discoveries fascinating. He read information and took notes but then I had to keep him on task to get it written up and on his board. He loves to play with Microsoft Word so that is how he wrote up his information. We found thrift store clothing to dress him in plus I added a big white collar to his shirt.

They all did so well. It was a good exercise in reading and writing as well as history.

Last evening the young people at church and their advisers gave the couples a Valentine supper complete with a little sermonette by Elmer Stoltzfus of Plain City, OH. They did a good job of setting a cozy atmosphere and feeding us an amazing meal. Salad bar, linguine with Alfredo sauce, a choice of chicken cordon blue or ham balls, corn, dinner rolls, punch and cheesecake.

We had an unusual church service this morning. It is so cold right now. Single digits. The furnace quit working and the sanctuary was cold so we moved to the basement and had a service minus Sunday school. The devotional spoke to our need of contentment and the message was about facing the giants in our lives.

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