Wednesday, August 9, 2017

DIY Onion Braid

A garden cart with lots of onions from the garden. It's the best crop I've gotten in awhile.
 Here are some I sorted out to braid.
 A braid I completed earlier
 There were actually two completed prior to this.
But let's get started on the next one. Start with three onions.... 
 ....with long stems.
 Just start braiding the stems as you would braid anything.
 Now you see I've added a smaller onion on the left. Braid as you would a French braid, continuing to add onions as you keep braiding.
Completed braid. That's the hem of my (blue) dress you see there. I just sit on the floor, braiding toward myself. 
 I twist the ends into a "rope" that I can tie into a knot on the end. I doubt that's necessary.
 Three nice braids done. The rest will need to wait, cause I'm going to bed!

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