Thursday, August 3, 2017

How to Blanch Green Beans for the Freezer

An older woman taught me this method some years ago. It makes very tasty beans. And it's quick and easy. (Note the stove clock and you will see how long it took me.)

Today I am blanching whole beans; stem end and bug spots removed. You can do this with snapped beans also.

Put washed beans in a large pot. You don't want them very deep in the pan because you will need to stir them almost constantly. This is a 16 quart kettle.
 Add a shallow layer of water in the bottom of the pan. Just enough to cover the bottom.
 Turn the heat on high.
  As the water begins to boil, stir the beans.
Do you see how a few of them have turned bright green? 
And now they are all bright green.

Dump them out into a pan in a shallow layer to cool.
Once cooled, package and freeze. You can add the water that you cooked them in into the package if you wish.
When you need green beans for a meal, open, cook, season and enjoy.

This works for green peas also.

What garden produce are you currently enjoying?

Are green beans a favorite at your house? Canned or frozen?

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