Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Milk Products

A gift from one of my Sunday school students. The perfect dish for butter!
Have you ever wished for a family cow? It's wonderful! And then sometimes... the load (or overload) of milk is exhausting.

Our cow gives seven or eight gallons of milk per day. We are doing a cow share with another family of eight so that takes care of the between days. But we need to do something with the other twenty-eight gallons that are produced in a week.

Today I am making or have made...

Butter draining in a sieve.
Milk cooling after being heated to make yogurt
...tapioca pudding (baby pearl).
Cooling in a sink of water
And here is a gallon of milk that I am contemplating what must be done with it.
Condensation on the jar
Often we set it out in a bucket to sour/clabber and then we feed it to the chickens. But as much as I'm able I like to keep it edible for humans. I also make hard cheese and cottage cheese.

What would you do with gallons and gallons of milk?

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