Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Wore Out

You come home at night
Sit down for a bite
And you're wore out!

You're hardly able 
To get up from the table
'Cause you're wore out!

You crawl into bed
Sleep like you're dead
'Cause you're wore out!

In the morning you wake up
Can't seem to get up
'Cause you're wore out!

You get up on Sunday
Dread to see Monday
'Cause you're wore out!

You go set in church
And your back starts to hurt
'Cause it's wore out!

The choir starts to sing
And you can't feel a thing 
'Cause you're wore out!

You pray the sermon and song
Won't last too long
'Cause you're wore out!

You go for a ride 
In the car with your wife
And it's wore out! (The car, that is!)

She starts to worry 
Tells you not to hurry
This car is wore out!

You don't know where you're at
One of the tires has gone flat
'Cause it's wore out!

From the sound of the motor 
We'll soon have to tow her
Cause she's wore out!

When we get to heaven with Jesus our King
We won't have to worry about anything
We'll be happy and free and our bodies won't be
Wore out!

We'll be happy and free 
Nothing there will ever be
Wore out!

Know the feeling? Here's a rendition of this song that I like. And to be honest I really identify with this song currently. 

Learn who the author is here.

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