Monday, August 6, 2018

Thomas Jefferson Education Convention

For the last several years I have been studying the Thomas Jefferson Education (TJEd) philosophy. Take note- this is not a curriculum, it is a philosophy of learning. Some time ago I shared the "Inspire, don't require" key of learning/teaching.

This past week the TJEd Convention 2018 began. I'm sorry to introduce this just now, because if you didn't know about it before, you have missed the early bird pricing. But even so, the price is reasonable.

And the content is life changing. We have been part of a "conveyor belt model" of education for so long that we think it is the normal way to be educated. Then when our children don't meet our expectations or don't do well with this "normal" way of being academically educated, we panic. Our children feel like failures and so do we.

"It worked for me!" we say. "Why doesn't it work for my child?" 

We find our children coming away from a formal academic education with a hatred for learning. They slam the books shut with a hurrah and want nothing to do with them forever after.

Is that the education we want for our children? No! A resounding no! 

We want our children to know their purpose in life and be educated in a way that will equip them for that purpose. TJEd will help us know how to accomplish this. 

Sign up here for the convention. (Scroll down to the box that says "The 2018 TJEd Online Convention".) I've listened to Rachel's first two videos and am feeling excited about the upcoming school year.

If you are unable to listen to the convention and would rather read, check out the book A Thomas Jefferson Education.

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