Saturday, May 14, 2016


Another day of resting. Efforts at eating were unsuccessful. Things just ran through. Applesauce and yogurt were my food choices. Until this evening. A bit of potato and sweet potato found lodging and have not yet departed. 

Once again the men had to fend for themselves, mostly. The men at work were fed by the main contractor's wife. She brought them some chili soup and bread pockets that contained meat. 

The men were helping to set a modular home here in the area. Thomas came home midday because he didn't feel well. Hopefully he won't get what I have! 

Again I had a food assignment to fulfill. Not quite so large an order this time. Three cherry pies for a food stand at an auction tomorrow. (The food stand is a fundraiser for Kid's Club.) I made the filling. Melvin made the crusts. Christopher rolled out the top crusts, doing the lattice work. They did a super job! The fluted edges were my work. They will get that yet, too, I'm sure. By the way, they came and offered their services. They enjoy it. 

No "picture perfect" photo here. 😉
All five of the boys went to school for program practice this morning. Grandpa took the younger ones again at 1 pm for P.E. The last time for this school year! Wow. 

The younger boys also did music lessons in their workbooks here. "School work" is minimal these days. They also worked on the laundry. That never ending job. 

Grandpas are busy preparing for their trip to Honduras. 

Today was actually a mostly sunny day. Beautiful! Only a little rain in the morning. We are very grateful for the rain but the sunshine is ever so welcome. 

Matthew grabbed the opportunity to mow the lawn. The lawn here is very large. It takes awhile even when using a large ZTR mower. 

It is time for Matthew to have a chance at working with Daddy once school is done. Sad day for me when I lose my trusty helper here. But that means the younger ones need to do more here if Matthew's gone. Melvin is learning to mow this year. He is quite happy about that. Boys and machines!

Christopher ended up having stomach pains this evening too. It would be bad if we all went down like dominoes. 😕 Let's hope not. 

Thomas spent the afternoon here getting one of the trailers fit for the road. Fixing wiring and lights, I believe he said. Austin and Melvin were helping him. 

Stephen wants to turn his bedroom into a studio. He was building shelves to set up speakers on. 

It is interesting to watch the boys and their interests develop. 

An eventful day to observe from my bed. 

Where did you spend your day?

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