Thursday, May 12, 2016


This day begins early. Thomas, Stephen and Austin leave at 7:30 am and need their breakfast and lunch made and packed before they leave. This is something I struggle with- to do that much food in an hour and a half. 

Chop a half pound of sliced ham and a bit of onion to fry together while I crack and mix 15 eggs. Fry it all together and shred cheese over the top. Mix a bowl of fruit and breakfast is made. 

Lunch consists of leftover vegetable soup, apples, leftover pie, milk, cheese, and a bag of salty snack. 

Then the younger boys come around and eat their breakfast and we leave for program practice at school taking a bunch of milk with  us to send home with my nephew for the calves to drink.

 While they practice I work on book work and get an ad placed in the paper for the donut fundraiser. Following practice we check out second hand stores, looking for black vests that they want the boys to wear for the school program. We found one. 

While we're gone Grandpas leave for Winchester for a foot Dr appointment. 

Today was so rainy and cool Matthew started a fire in the wood stove.

By the time we got home it was lunch time and I was exhausted. I was having some diarrhea but not really feeling too bad other than tired. This is embarrassing but I slept. All. Afternoon. 

While I slept the boys found things to do. Like mowing their "ball field" and then using it. 

After waking I started some laundry. Matthew and Christopher went to milk the cow. 

With Melvin's help supper got made- gluten free pasta with sausage and Alfredo sauce, green beans and Caeser salad. Then I really crashed, running to the bathroom periodically. I took a couple doses of McNess aromatic compound but it didn't take hold like I wished. 

Thomas went to men's meeting taking Grandpa along. The boys cleaned up the kitchen and another day is past. 

When was the last time you were sick? 

How do you cope with sickness?

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