Thursday, May 12, 2016


It's another cloudy, rainy day. We've had many of these lately. Good for the ground, grass, trees, etc but hard on the soul. 

7:15 am Get out of bed. Dress. Fold the blanket. Remove the pillows. Tuck in the sheet. Return the bed to the inside of the couch. Yes, it's a hide-a-bed. :) Comb hair. 

7:45 am Text one girl's mom to find out if she wants to be picked up for Kid's Club this evening. Cut, package and refrigerate 5 pies that got baked late last night and sat cooling on the counter-top. (We made 17 pies for snack at Kid's Club this eve.) 

Thaw and fry a pound of sausage patties. Fry 12 eggs. Cook grits. Call the family to eat it up. While in the beginning stages of this whole process, at 8 am, Thomas has to leave to go look at a job. Matthew lets the chickens out of their little house where they are put to keep them safe overnight. We have a killer of some sort around here that eats chickens.

Spend some time researching WV homeschool laws (to help friends). Look for field trip opportunities. Online stuff. Christopher finds that his bunny is missing. He says it's a crime scene. Blood on the open greenhouse windowsill where it was kept.  

Have a devotional time with the three youngest. Get them started recording the books they've read in the last year. (Should be done as we go!!) Have Austin start his laundry. Make breakfast for Thomas. He works on desk work.

Work on illustrating the verses from Psalm 1 so I have a base to start from to help the girls at Kid's Club this evening. We are having them memorize Psalm 1 to earn a Bible. They will write and illustrate the verses on cards that they can take with them. I asked one girl if she has a Bible at home? She replied that the only Bible in their house is a touch-me-not. It's old and falling apart. How sad! 

11:45 am Make lunch from leftovers. Eat it. Wash a HUGE stack of dishes. Boys rinse, dry, put away, dump slop, wipe counters.

Call a donut maker to find out some details of what we need to know to do a donut fundraiser with the youth on Memorial Day weekend. Text my side-kick to see when we can get our heads together to do some planning. 

Boys practice their school program just here on their own. They keep changing things up on us at school so that now it isn't going to work for the older boys to be there for practice at least half the time.

Thomas takes Grandpas to the bank to start a new account. The southern account will be closed.

Matthew and Christopher do their writing. Melvin gets a Barton lesson. 

4 pm The sun is out! What a sight for the eyes. Melvin and Christopher work on getting bakery trays clean for transporting the pies this evening. Matthew starts a load of laundry.

Time to make supper. Christopher and I work on making a soup and Matthew and Melvin help us after milking the cow. We get the soup made before we leave at 5 pm or soon after but it will need to be eaten at 9:30 pm when we get back from Kid's Club. We get all the pies cut and loaded.

Our girl who wants to be picked up is not at home! We pick up my niece and head for Romney. Here is our girl! She spent the day with her grandmother in Romney and did her best to let me know but couldn't.

Another evening of trying to keep 9 tweens girls happy. Some were unhappy to begin with because the girl they came specifically to see is not there. They would rather speak to one another and pester each other than to listen to Bible teaching. But they did pretty good! Until it came time for craft. They were very unhappy about making cards illustrating their memory verses! 

Of course the unhappiness always seems greater than the happiness. The one girl I mentioned above who has no Bible to use at home was very diligently copying her verses, faster than I could put them on the white board. She just opened her Bible and wrote them down. I was proud of her. She said she had the first one memorized already since last week.

One thing we have noticed is that we almost never have a rainy evening for Kid's Club. The sun came out like I said around 4 pm and it began to rain on our way home! God has been kind to us.

We finish the routines of the evening and head for home. We eat our supper and crawl into our beds for the night. Another day lived.

What was your day like? 

How has God been kind to you?

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