Tuesday, July 11, 2017

All in a day

Before the sun grew too warm, we picked blueberries. Maybe half the patch. I carried a handful in against my body after the pail left the patch.
 On the way to the house I saw the butterfly bush was in bloom.

And the Rose of Sharon.

 The crop for today. 3 quarts maybe?
 A few blackberries.
 Then it was kitchen cleanup time. Melvin cleared the counter. Christopher put dishes away.

 Washing fell to mother.

 Kitchen clean and ready to begin baking.
 Frozen zucchini in a pack on the counter to thaw. A few clean dishes left to put away.
 Pie crust in the making. Ice cream scoops work well for scooping shortening.
 Melvin prepares the apples, while listening to Tom Sawyer (audio book).
 Christopher mixes the zucchini bread.
 Batter in the pans ready for the oven.
Peaches in the crusts. We prepared the peaches last week and froze them. Once in the pie shells they get topped with a sugar/flour/spice mixture.

First pies in the oven.

Christopher takes a break to stitch up a sheath for his wooden sword.
The last pies are in the oven.
 The kitchen is clean once again.
 Black beans are cooking with a pork loin for supper.
 Zucchini bread packaged and ready for the market.
 Melvin stitching a sheath for his sword (wooden).

 The second load of laundry that was washed today is ready to be folded.
 All folded...
 ...and Melvin carries it to the rooms.
 VBS begins this evening. Stephen needs the song on a large tablet so I work on that.
 Handwriting does not cut it, so I resort to the computer.

The last pies are out of the oven. I made a blueberry pie for my men with leftover crusts.
Christopher relaxing with a digital book.

At VBS. The children have gone to their classrooms and the committee is conferring. The SonShine Farm brightens the front of the room. I get to relax this week! They gave the regular teachers of the weekly Kid's Club a break this week. 

Back home I finish labeling the baked goods. Everything is ready to go to market in the morning. Ten peach pies, five apple pies, fourteen loaves of zucchini bread.

Praise the Lord for another day to serve Him by serving people! 

Do you feel like you're serving the Lord when you are doing the mundane tasks of the day?

That's the best way to do it!

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