Thursday, July 27, 2017

Enjoy the Little Things

This is the message in this post.....
How could I resist this planner? It is so mine!
Enjoy the big things too! Here's what you get when you're shopping for a big crowd. Sharp Shopper clerks wondered where my helpers were this day. It was a day when I needed space to think and do on my own thing even though I really did need help.
Here is part of the crowd...
A couple more.... 
 And another room full. 
The parents in the crowd- one sided. Our spouses are not in the photo. We are all first cousins, sisters/brother and/or double first cousins. I invited Troyer family to come to our place for the weekend to visit my brother Paul and his family, who were up from their Honduras home taking an extended trip through the USA. One highlight of the trip for them was the Troyer reunion that was planned in Farmville, VA and then was cancelled. So a few of the cousins from Maine and VA came. We had a party!
L-R Brenda, Rhonda, Joyce, Paul, Marie, Verina, Darlene, Rosaline

The "little" girls.... sisters, cousins, second cousins, etc.     
My goofy sons and their goofy cousin.
Oh, not so goofy after all.
Here's the way to travel! Three boys and one bike.
 Brother Paul, his wife Helena and daughter Julisa look on.
Most of the children (lower 20's down to 2 yr old) who were together for the weekend. Minus the wee ones.
My brother Paul, his daughter Anne and our sons made the flowerbed look nicer than it ever has.

A random snapshot of my brother and his wife. 
We went to Gap Mills to clean out my parents' house. We had a yard sale for a couple days to get rid of excess stuff.
I made a couple t-shirt dresses for my nieces in TX.

Ever see cheese puff creations? The boys bite off one end, lick it and stick another to it.

My one Lapp niece. We got a very short visit (one evening) with her and her Mama after the trip to TX.
This is what happens when someone gets a hold of my phone.
The joy of fresh garden things. Zucchini, onions, peppers, chicken (not from the garden).
The first corn on the cob- from the farmers' market.
I just love making vegetable mixes for the oven. The colors are so beautiful and with some meat and spices the flavor is amazing.
What little things are bringing you joy?

Or big things?

You CAN choose joy!

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