Thursday, July 6, 2017

Toy Farm

This post may seem a bit elementary. Well, maybe it is. 

These pictures were taken some time ago. I just love to see the creativity of the boys. This was Melvin or Christopher's doings. They have a play barn that opens up to make a wonderful "farm". The front wall folds out and has stalls on one side. The front half of the roof folds up. Fences stored within can be brought out and used to make a "pasture".

They've taped a bottle on one end for some kind of feed dispenser.

A green plastic hay bale resides in the loft

Tractor and wagon out in the back field

A pile of logs ready to be cut into firewood (twigs)

The trophy of the hunt. See the bedding in the stall? (Sawdust)

The animals seem to have disappeared at this point in time. They have cows, calves, sheep, horses and other smaller creatures that take up residence here. Maybe the dead deer scared them all off.

The boys' grandmother gave the farm to them some years ago and it gets a lot of use. 

What do your boys enjoy?

What do YOU do with spare time?

Maybe you're like me and have no "spare" time.

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