Monday, November 20, 2017


Matthew shot his first deer with his bow on Monday. Happy dance! The day he's long been working and waiting for. It was a small doe. He and Melvin decided they would turn it into jerky.
The internet is a very helpful place. These boys listened to the instructions of this person and that and figured out how to make jerky.
There were marinade recipes online that they tried and one in the Kanagy Kitchen Classics. Thank you, Freda. They liked yours the best.
A few hours in the oven turned the meat into dried goodness. These giants devoured most of it in the same day! (Truth to tell, Yours Truly was gone shopping all day and what else did they have to eat?)
Are you as favorably impressed with my sons' abilities as I am? 

Today I am thankful for... 

...motivated, Christian sons.

...plenty of food. (Wouldn't you be too if you had five sons?)

...shelter from the cold rain.

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