Friday, November 3, 2017

The Arrow Over the Door

(Book review)
The lives of Samuel, a Quaker and Stands Straight, a Native American are juxtaposed and brought together in this true story. The time is the Revolutionary War and the Quakers, a neutral, peaceful people are called cowards because they will not join the war effort.

Samuel's energetic, protective teenage soul does not think that he should just do nothing to defend his family in the case of an attack. How can his father and brother be so peaceful? he wonders.

Stands Straight reviews how his people have been treated by Americans, French and English. No one has treated them well. What should they do about this war?

The two boys meet as the Native Americans scout the countryside to see what the white people are doing.

Finding the Quakers in their meeting house, sitting silently, giving no cry of alarm at their entrance, the Native Americans realize that these are a peaceable people, friends, not to be feared. They place a headless arrow over the door as a sign to all their brothers to leave these people alone.
How does Samuel come to realize that being a lover of peace is not cowardice? How does Stands Straight see the truth about things around him? Read the book and discover for yourself.

It's a short book, 90 pages, easily read in an evening.

What do you believe about war and peace?

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