Thursday, March 29, 2018

Beautiful Day

The tulip magnolias are loaded with buds
The great outdoors has beckoned me today. With the temperature in the 70s and partly cloudy skies, what better place is there to be, than on an Adirondack chair on the patio?

There has been sickness in our house and my body has felt like it is fighting with all its worth to keep it at bay. I keep swallowing oregano oil capsules and taking lots of probiotics. But the last few days my body begs to lie down.

Laundry calls me, meals are asking to be made, dishes need to be washed, floors are dirty. So I keep rising up and doing my tasks. Today is better. Not such a drag on my eyelids. Not such an ache in my muscles. Not such a foggy brain.

It may be that the clear, refreshing air has something to do with the feel-good factor. Yesterday was a day for ducks. But last evening I heard the spring peepers once again. Such a welcome sound. Melvin says they're yelling.

They were loud and clear in February and at that time I planted some pea seeds in the garden. I wandered out to the garden today to see how they are faring. There are wonderful sprouts down deep in the ground! Can you find them?
All the daffodil buds are thick, pushing their way to bloom. 
Some opened awhile ago and then the snow fell thick upon them. They stayed yellow through it all. Now everything in nature seems happy to be released from the snow.
The fourth Nor'easter hit us last week on Tuesday and Wednesday. The weather did not consult the calendar. These were the first two days of spring. So we got more snow this spring than we did all winter.
We didn't get snow with the first, second or third Nor'easter but some folks closer to the coast got hit by all four. We were thankful to be spared from power outages as well. Just the beauty and mess of snow. 
The birds are singing all around me, so happy to be alive. A pair of nuthatches carefully comes to the feeder, making cautious little twittering cackles as they come. The mockingbird is singing a joyful song of many tunes. He is confusing me about which bird I'm hearing.

Christopher is roaming around today, looking for and experimenting with ways to make a flute. He consults YouTube from time to time but so far he hasn't gotten anything to give him the sounds he's looking for.

He first used ornamental grass stalks and then started whittling a tree branch. But now he found a tutorial for a PVC pipe flute. Will he get a flute made?

Melvin has disappeared into the woods. His favorite place to be. He would rather be in the woods then just about anywhere else.

The men are all on the job today. I'm sure they're having a more enjoyable day than they've had in awhile. Today is a welcome change from all the cold, sleet, rain and snow we've been having.

There are some deer shoulders cooking in the crock pot but my mind is blank concerning the rest of the evening meal. What is cooking in your home tonight?
What is God thinking? 
Words for today-

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