Friday, March 2, 2018

Heal Your Eyes?

Thomas recently read of a protocol that has the potential to heal one's eyes of various maladies that impair sight. He bought the information, I scavenged the grocery stores and internet for all the ingredients and today is my first day of trying it out.

There are three smoothies to make and drink per day for seven days. The process is repeated thrice, for a total of twenty-one days. Every smoothie is different (yes, every- all 21). The one I slurped this morning was okay. Blackberries, banana, coconut cream and maca powder.

The one I'm trying to get down now is a bit torturous. This one has a carrot, a beet, an apple, a pear, kale, lemon and ginger, blended in water. 

Oh, it's pretty enough. That doesn't make it easier to swallow, unfortunately. The pulp and the ginger is what gets to me. The flavor really isn't so bad.

The man who sells the information says his wife came back from near blindness (macular degeneration) to 20/20 vision. And he says it will do the same for me. 

It is no fun to tote reading glasses around so I'm hoping this will keep me from needing prescription glasses or even reading glasses. If I can just stomach all this stuff! I'll give it my best shot, that's for sure. 

He says there is a 60 day money back guarantee. So at $27 or $37 it doesn't feel like a big risk. 

He also says you can get all ingredients for pennies at your grocery store. This is incorrect. There are some ingredients I still haven't found.

Can you tell me where to find black currants? Or bilberries? Some of the ingredients I ordered from Amazon, but I haven't been able to find these two items for a very affordable price anywhere.

I'll try to keep you posted on the effectiveness of this protocol.

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