Saturday, March 3, 2018

Day With Friends

On a slightly warm day this week, my parents, Matthew, Melvin and Christopher and I went to our friends' house to transplant seedlings. The air was a bit chilly but the sun warmed us enough to make us shed our jackets, after awhile. 

My friend (Patricia), who so graciously offered to allow us to raise our plants there, has such a wealth of knowledge. She makes so many of their own products and has experience with a variety of cuisines. 

Because of a rare disease or disorder her daughter suffered she has studied health extensively, as well. She was able to answer some health questions of mine for which I was very grateful, being a self-doctoring person myself.

After Patricia told me about kimchi, we transplanted more chinese cabbage than I would otherwise have been wont to. I need as many probiotics (natural from food) as I can get with the gut problems I have.

There is so much of one's health directly connected to the health of the guts. Brain fog, sinus congestion and infection, high blood pressure, diabetes, the flu, depression, toothache, mouth sores, you name it. Clean up your food digesting organs and experience more health.

Patricia told me that she has some plants that produce the ingredients I need for the eye protocol. She will give me starts!

We enjoyed lunch with our friends, including another mother of five (Kate) and her children from Harpers Ferry. Beef roast and potatoes, salad eggs, applesauce, pizza, kimchi, pasta (made of quinoa) salad and GF/SF brownies made a delicious lunch.

Kate has a son with Celiac disease so she also feeds her family "good" food. She brought the meat and potatoes and brownies.

It was so funny to watch her youngest daughter (2 or 3) eating her lunch. She hates anything green. There were sprouts in the pasta salad and she could detect if one got in her mouth without being seen. Out would come her whole mouthful. Otherwise, she carefully picked off any sprouts found on her spoon beforehand.

Patricia gave me magnesium flakes to make a liquid magnesium to put on my skin. Magnesium and Vitamin C are helpful for building up adrenals. 

Between her advice and the eye protocol, I'm feeling a bit more on the upward way. Following the eye protocol has to improve about any kind of health problem in my opinion. It is so nutrient dense. 

Instead of blending the ingredients for the shake last evening, I ate them as a salad. I foresee this happening some more. Much more palatable in my humble opinion.

The shake this morning was doable but instead of including the broccoli in the puree, I ate it alone. The rest was blended together and went down with little revulsion. Four down, seventeen to go...

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