Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Vision Update

Yesterday was Day 12 of the Outback Vision Protocol. We're cruising right along. Nine more days to go. Will I have 20/20 vision by then?
The ingredients as I've said before, are many and varied. I thought it might be helpful for anyone else taking the challenge to know where to find things.

But then the obvious fact is that not everyone resides in the same part of the country. So where I find things and where you find them will vary widely. 

Anyway, here's what I did.

Recipe calls for.. 
...coconut cream. Found in a metal can at Food Maxx. After opening the can I put the remainder in a jar in the fridge. One can will easily be enough for the whole protocol but it will not stay good in the fridge for 3 weeks. I would recommend freezing it in recipe-sized portions.

...maca powder. Amazon helped me out with this one. Click here to see the one I purchased (and,no, I don't have affiliate links). This can will give you enough for the whole family and then some. It is plenty, plenty.

...coconut water. I searched high and low at Food Maxx for this one and finally found a few cans (like pop cans). Then I saw that "our" Aldi (in Winchester, VA) carries it. And I believe Walmart has it too. Mama saw some at Food Lion, as well. You'll need at least six cans.

...bee pollen. Amazon to the rescue again. But then I saw it at Walmart. Here is what I got from Amazon. Again, it's enough to last and last.

...dried goji berries. Check it out. I think again, I may have seen some at Walmart after ordering online from Amazon. One bag is plenty for the 21 days but if more than one person does it, you may need a second bag. Maybe.

...coconut milk. A cardboard milk carton from Food Lion lasted for about half the time.

...egg white protein powder. I never did find; so I use a whole raw egg from our farm hens. I read the other day that egg yolks are good for your eyesight so it at least doesn't hurt. And whatever that powder is, you'll only need 3 Tablespoons in the whole protocol.

(By the way, I asked customer service about some of these things and they only replied that substitutes should not be made. They did not answer my question about where to find items.)

...dark chocolate chips. I used a dark chocolate bar or unsweetened baker's chocolate.
...fresh or frozen bilberries. Research told me this was a wild blueberry so when I could not find fresh or frozen bilberries I purchased frozen wild blueberries from Walmart. Then I found pure bilberry juice at Vitacost so I got that. You can find it here.
...tart cherry juice. Food Lion and Walmart both had this. currants. Vitacost had pure juice. That's all I could find. You can find it here

(The last 3 bottles of juice I mentioned are more than enough for the whole time.)
...ginger-flavored kombucha. Found at Walmart. One can is enough. This one is Asian pear and ginger flavored.
...fresh Pomegranate juice. I used Pom, found at Walmart. One can will do., unfiltered apple juice. One bottle from Walmart is plenty.
...spirulina powder. Capsules from Walmart. Maybe you know of a better option? You will only need 1 Tablespoon total.

These are only the items that I had a bit of trouble finding. There are many more ingredients but I am supposing you'll be able to find them without too much sweat and tears. 

If you have any questions, I am happy to answer what I can.

AND! I am happy to report that I have not needed my glasses for two days straight now. No, that doesn't mean I wasn't reading. I was reading without glasses!!! 

Happy, happy dance! And another smoothie....

Words for your intrigue-

P.S. Happy birthday to sister Verina!

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