Sunday, February 14, 2016

Taffy Pull

Friday evening we gathered with the young people at Wanda Eash's house. We had a bit of difficulty getting there because of snowy roads. It hadn't snowed just a whole lot but because of the cold it all stuck. The van spun up the hill and onto the paved road but then it spun even more, so we turned around, came home and piled into the truck.

Traffic was slow. We stopped at the gas station on the way over and one fellow there said he had seen some wrecks on his way in from Winchester on Route 50. We arrived at our destination without incident. These guys of mine are all in awe when the vehicle "drifts" -while my heart lurches and I try to keep it all inside, knowing I am majorly in the minority.

Wanda and Martha Wengerd had taffy cooked and ready to pull once we got there. I think this was only the second time in my life that I pulled taffy. With 20/20 hindsight I wish I would have just watched. It was interesting to watch but kinda much hard work to pull. I guess I'm lazy. Thomas' and my taffy just didn't want to go like it should. I think we finally got the hang of it a little.

I got curious about taffy and wondered whoever figured out how to do that. The Bulk Candy Store blog has an interesting write-up about it. Machines do the pulling nowadays. Someone made the remark the other evening, "Imagine what the health department would say if they saw what we are doing." We sure get our hands all over the stuff. At least it isn't for public distribution.

A few photos from the evening...


7th grade student with 1st grade teacher
(while big cousin of student supervises)

Youth girls
The finished packaged product

The little boys found treasure, I got a sweet smile from a little girl, the men visit while the ladies set out a snack

Clockwise from top left- Vegetable Pizza, Taco chip dip, Fruit, Rice Crispy Chocolate Pinwheels
Have you ever pulled taffy?

Did it give you blistered hands?

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