Monday, February 1, 2016

Fun With the Young People

But I'm young too. So who are the young people? These are the younger ones who are 16 and older but unmarried. We have had the pleasure of associating with this group from our church since the beginning of July last year. Helping to plan and participate in wholesome activities.

We asked two young families, Mike & Monica and Gene & Dorcas, to plan and host an evening activity for this group of energetic people. They invited us to Gene's house. When we arrived we were directed to the basement where an outdoor sign welcomed us to a Mexican Fiesta. A tub was sitting there filled with Coke and Fanta in glass pop bottles nestled in ice.

Inside we were greeted with lively Mexican music. The colors were bright; the lights dim. Tables were set with colorful napkins, silverware and cute little appetizer cups filled with beans, guacamole, sour cream, tomatoes, onions and black olives and adorned with a paper mustache. This was a dip for chips.

The main spread consisted of taco shells to be filled with burger, beans, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. Build your own taco. One of the young ladies has been a school teacher in El Salvador for the last three years. She made some authentic papusas and brought in a cabbage salad from a restaurant. Just the kind of food our family takes to.

The dessert table had a beautiful display of fruits. Fruit kabobs and Tres Leche Cake were a lovely finish to the meal. I didn't try any cake until I found out it was gluten free. Dorcas said she doesn't make cake unless it's gluten free. Gene does not tolerate gluten and the school teacher who lives in their basement is also intolerant.

After supper we played some games. First we had a paper full of Spanish and English words to match. Then we did a relay race where one sucked up a dried bean with a straw and carried it to the end of the table. There it was dropped into a cup. Two teams competed and the team with the most beans in the cup at the end of the time limit won.

After this we played musical chairs. The last few people got quite dizzy. Some Rook, Uno and Skip-Bo games and some good visiting finished up the evening.
I helped some with entertaining this cutie 

How do you have fun?

Do you enjoy the younger people?

Oh, but who doesn't! :)

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