Thursday, January 28, 2016

Homeschooling joys

What is an entrepreneur?

What does nuance mean?

What are forbs?

What is an ungulate?

What is scintilla?

These are a few questions that arise in an evening as we read this and that. The love of learning has not been diminished by stuffing noses into textbooks and workbooks. When the Field and Stream magazine author uses words that are above my son's understanding he wants to know! What do they mean?

That's true learning, friends.

Not poring over textbooks looking for answers to fill in the blanks.

Not answering questions that someone else asks.

True learning occurs when I want to know! When I am the one asking the questions and finding the answers.

Not when the test I took has a grade of 50% and I must do it over.

True learning happens when I read to discover what I want to know. Not what someone else wants me to know.

I read this from the DEN website- "Dyslexics are 10% of the population, 35% of entrepreneurs and 41% of prisoners."

Having a dyslexic son, we celebrate his unique strengths. Why are so many prisoners dyslexics?  To be honest, our wholesale method of teaching all children by the same methods and from the same books, leaves dyslexics feeling like hopeless failures.

Enough said. There is joy, joy, JOY in homeschooling! Joy for the parents, joy for the child and joy for the community who has one less potential prisoner.

Hopefully you can follow the thoughts of my weary (10 pm) mind. 

I would love to hear your thoughts and questions on the subject. 

Do you homeschool? Why or why not? 

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