Thursday, September 14, 2017

A Walk

Getting outdoors does wonders for the "feel-good chemical" in your brain. (Do you know the technical name for that chemical?) Knowing this and getting one's self out the door are two different things. This morning I took a few minutes to walk out our driveway, up the road a piece and back. On my way back I took a few pictures.
The sign at the edge of the property next to us.

The view to the right of the sign.
See the mountain in the distance?

The path before me. It appears as though
someone has sprayed the wayside with Round-Up.

Our driveway is at the top of the climb.

The woodsy lawn at the end of the driveway.

A sign Matthew, Melvin & Christopher made.

As seen from the end of the driveway.

To the left

The deck in the yard 

Deck with a bike ramp in the foreground

An old (working!) pump back of and
to the right of the Japanese Maple.

The upper path to the deck, basketballs in the yard and the black calf barely seen on the right between the bushes.

At the end of my walk I find one boy with binoculars
and the other shooting arrows.

The "toad bellies" are blooming.
What is their scientific name?

What happened to our beautiful flowerbed?
At least the morning glories are beautiful.
How do you inspire yourself to exercise outdoors?

Do you have a favorite place to walk?

I'd love to have your answers to my questions. (Just remember you can't reply to this by hitting reply if you got it by email. I'm sorry.)

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