Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Facebook led me to a postcard exchange group. It is a bunch of fun to receive postcards from every state in the USA and one from Poland. Then I get to send postcards to the same people who send them to me. 

I finally ordered my postcards yesterday. The exchange goes from September through December. Now, what to write in a small space?

Last year I got this book from The Thinking Tree, thinking one of the boys would take an interest in it. No one has; so while racking my brain to think of a place to keep all the postcards, this book came to mind. Yes! The perfect place to put them. 

There are six pages to fill out for every state. Another "exchanger" said she tapes the card to a page in a way that it can be flipped up. Wonderful idea. So far I've just stuck them between the pages.

The folks from Illinois had an interesting quiz on the card they sent. I'll ask you one of the questions. Why is there an elephant's grave in their hometown of Oquawka and what was her name?

Do you want a postcard from me?

What would you like to know about WV?

Have you done a postcard exchange?

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