Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Roses for the ill :)
This evening Thomas and I are home with the younger boys. The rest of our church group is together for a special once-a-year meeting where we share our hearts with one another.

Why are we home? The massage yesterday must have done something to me. A headache has been plaguing me for a good part of the day. The massage therapist said to put hot cloths on my face because it sounded, to her, like sinus pain. 

I did the hot cloths dipped in vinegar water and had them on my face for awhile then took a warm bath with Epsom salt. My head still throbs.

There were a number of significant things happening this evening. Plus just the special part of learning to know each other better. So that's my disappointment today.

Thomas' disappointment is a paint sprayer gone bad. He and Stephen use the sprayer a lot and it is needed for an immediate job. 

Melvin says his disappointment today was having to wash the dishes.(He has a hard time dragging himself out of his book, The Black Stallion.)

What disappointed you today? 

How do you handle disappointments?

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