Saturday, September 23, 2017


The floor feels clean under my feet.  A lot of things are back in place. And some things have a new place. My sons were inspired with cleaning today. The two oldest are away on a camping trip so we are a smaller band. 

Melvin began with washing dishes today (by my instruction), Matthew cleaned the entrance end of the breezeway. Melvin helped him when he finished the dishes. Christopher and I cleaned the main family room and kitchen area (we call it the crazy room). 

Then Matthew's grand idea was to clean the patio, including the end that collects clutter, after he finished the breezeway. He took everything off, used the blower to "sweep" it, power washed it and put everything back in place. He is finished now at 9:15 PM. 

Christopher had one inspiration after another for organizing as we cleaned. Then he didn't have quite the steam he needed to keep going to the end. I had to keep pulling him back and we actually finished sweeping and mopping the floor -which is what we started out to do. We had to first find it, under everything.

The laundry is still in heaps, the fridges and bathrooms still stink but we've done all we can do for one day so we'll call that SUCCESS.😃

I had fun preparing a box of groceries for the newly weds.
A couple answers to questions from yesterday since no one else has been bold enough to answer (heehee)....

Hurricanes start by Africa because the of the hot winds coming off the Sahara Desert. They meet with thunderstorms and work together to create hurricanes.

Hurricanes need warm water to be able to gain strength. So if they hit land or cooler water that will help them to fizzle out.

What success have you had today? 

(Come on now, I know someone reads this. Please give me a comment.) 😏

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