Friday, September 15, 2017

Home Library

"Oh, here is a good book. This is a classic. 

And here's another. 

And another!"

"Mama, you better stop", my son says as I load up on books at the thrift store. So with a dozen or more books we head out. How can you leave a good book behind when it's only $0.75?

When this scenario repeats itself many times, the books will increase. Therefore, some organization would be helpful. 

Yesterday Austin began to work on my dream home library. Not being able to find a simple list of categories, I gave him liberty to categorize in his own way. He is making good progress. 

 And to answer a few questions from yesterday-
The "feel-good" chemicals in your brain are called endorphins. Dopamine, Serotonin and Oxytocin to name some. When you exercise outdoors these are produced naturally and work like anti-depressant drugs and morphine, without the side effects. So why not take a simple walk? Just dip in the river, Naaman!

Toad bellies, as I was told they are called, are also called frog bellies, Autumn Joy sedum is a more technical name. The reason they got the belly name, as I understand, is that you can rub the leaves until the two layers separate. You can then inflate the leaf until it resembles an amphibian belly.

Do you have a library?

How many books do you have?

Do you enjoy reading?

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