Friday, September 29, 2017


The European hornets, yellow jackets and bald
hornets like apples too.
Which ones are you seeing here?
The taste of warm fresh applesauce is the taste of Fall. We awoke to cool air this morning. Jacket weather. Everything says Fall. Tomorrow is the last day of September. Oh, where did it go?
You can tell I don't do many selfies. Lol
We began cutting the apples last evening. After baking 7 fruit pies and 10 loaves of zucchini bread. The boys are working hard these days. (The two youngest are my helpers. The others are out on the job, staining decks.)
That's four bushels or more.
After delivering the baked goods to market this morning we drove to Delray to deliver milk to the family who shares the milk cow and picked up lots more tomatoes. They had so graciously picked them for us.
You mostly see Golden Delicious (deer apples) here.
We had gotten some from Delray earlier and we're mixing the two.
We cut apples again until time to leave for P.E. at school. Upon returning the boys cut more while I began cooking them. Then it was cooking, straining, putting in jars, repeat and repeat. We put most of it in plastic "jars" for the freezer. 
There is still a ways to go. But another day. Tomorrow I will again see how much of the house I can clean. It feels like I'm majorly spinning my wheels these days. Now it's time to enjoy a cup o' tea.
This blueberry green tea is really delicious.
Here is a de-cluttering video it might pay to watch.

How was your day?

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