Wednesday, October 11, 2017


What does the word bring to your mind? A Cricket in Times Square? Melodic sounds? A cricket on the hearth? 

A cricket chirping. A sound to love. Or hate. One cricket in the woods as you sit watching nature is a lovely sound.

But...We live in a ground level apartment and the crickets abound. The noise abounds too. Like a chicken house that houses roosters and hens. Or the morning song of birds in spring and early summer. You can't pick out one individual sound.

I found a video on YouTube that had a multitude of crickets chirping, slowed way down so that it sounded like a choir. A human choir. Maybe that's the sound God hears? 

Interestingly, while cats are allowed in the house, the cricket population decreases. Cats or crickets. Take your pick. I'm not sure which is worse. 

A bunch of crickets in the room can about drive you mad after awhile. Sorry, my ears don't have a slow-mo setting and it's a racket to me.

I caught one on video for just a short time. It's amazing how long one cricket can chirp. He or she continued the sound for a long time. 

Click here to watch the video. (The white, moving thing is a spider web between me and the cricket.)

You know, maybe allowing the cats inside for a night or two wouldn't be such a bad option.... It might help to retain my sanity.

Crickets? Or no?

Why? Or why not?

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