Thursday, October 26, 2017

Notebooking Pages

This is a website review. (I do not get reimbursed for anything on my blog. I only give honest reviews of whatever I like!)

The search for a good way to educate children led me to Don't ask me where I first heard of this website. Several years ago they offered a lifetime membership and I bit. I've never regretted it and have often been grateful for this wonderful site.

Have you ever wondered what you learned in school? Have you wondered what to do with all the school books your mother stored for you? What about all the workbooks your children fill out? Should everything go in the trash? All that labor? Should you store it? To what purpose?

How about allowing your children to build their own memories? Make books for your shelves that are worth re-reading? Wouldn't that be a better option?

That is what we've found. Reading through textbooks where others have done all the research and are telling you what to learn is both boring and ineffective. 

Reading from the sources of information and writing your own "book" will cement information more firmly in your mind. And it will give you a beautiful book to look back through, full of memories that you created yourself.

Write down what you learn rather than being tested to see what you don't know. How would we adults function if we were constantly told that we're less than we should be because of all we don't know? 

Oh, the world is full of so much to learn. Let us give our children the joy of learning it in their own way and time! As we ourselves do.

We did a little of that at Kid's Club this year. I wish we would have done more. If we only lecture, tell stories and etc., the retention is nearly zero percent. But if a child knows she must fill out a paper with facts (written or drawn) from the evening's lesson, she will listen more carefully.

The girls are great artists. These papers come from Notebooking Pages. 

Then the thing I really, really like is their Notebooking Web-app. I designed the papers below with the app. They recapture many of the stories we went over this year.

Borders were already there and I did everything inside the borders. You can see how a child could write and pull in clip art to create pages with beautiful memories.

There are lots of free pages available at for you and your child to print off and enjoy. 

With the Web-app (which you must purchase) you can also design and make greeting cards. Or use their ready-made designs.

Be sure to listen to Debra tell how she decided to use this method of teaching her 10 children.

Get ready for fun learning with your own child(ren).

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