Monday, October 2, 2017


This morning I am singing. I awoke with a feeling of overwhelm. What to make for breakfast? What to pack for lunches? I need to run to town to get a pork roast (an assignment I missed).

We need to focus on studies every morning. This afternoon we need to bake for market. Tomorrow is the monthly ladies' get together to sew comforters for needy people. Tomorrow evening is Kid's Club. Wednesday might be the first chance I have to work on all those tomatoes. But when will the laundry get done?

Thursday afternoon will be baking for the market again.Thursday or Friday I need to make five lemon meringue pies and I feel very ignorant about that. I may have done it once before in my life. 

Friday afternoon is more than full with taking the boys to P.E. and helping with the annual benefit supper (enter pork roast and lemon meringue pies). 

When will the tomatoes get done? Or the apples that are sitting there rotting?

Please just let me stay under the covers.

But what good does that do? I have heard a couple of times recently that it is easier to steer a bicycle that's moving than one that is sitting still. It is easier to find answers while in motion.So get out of bed, Mama!

After figuring out what to cook for breakfast and what to pack for lunch, I texted the market owner to see what I need to bake today. Nothing! Oh, what relief. Maybe Thursday will be free of baking also? She said they have 13 pies and 41 zucchini breads there. I normally make 15 pies and 25 breads each week. 

My mother is one who loves action while I love sitting at home. She agreed to go get (and deliver!) the pork roast for me. She also suggested that my father could make the lemon meringue pies. Oh wow. That would be great. He knows what he's doing, having done it for the bakery for years.

Oh, I'm singing. Life is looking hopeful.

🎶"I know the Lord will make a way for me,
I know the Lord will make a way for me,
If I live a life that's true, trust in God in all I do,
(Or, If I live a holy life, shun the wrong and do the right)
I know the Lord will make away for me!"🎶

How has the Lord made a way for you?

Do you find answers to life's impossibilities when you get in motion, rather than sitting paralyzed?
The Lord's gift of beauty to us this morning

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