Saturday, October 14, 2017

Water App

This is for you if you have a smart phone and if you forget to drink water as you go about your life.   

Water Time Pro is the App I use.
To start out, program in your sex, weight, what time you are awake, how often you want reminders, what kind of reminders you want, & etc.

Reminders will then pop up when it's time to drink water.
You drink and record what you drank.
There are sections to record amounts you drink of water,
and coffee.
The App will tally up the amount of hydration you are receiving and let you know when you reach your goal. Here you can see that 8 oz of coffee only adds 1 oz  to the tally. Because coffee isn't very hydrating.

It also gets alarmed if you drink too much.
I love the little water bubble icon with all it's expressions. The one above is about to burst. In most of the photos above it is quite happy. Below it's kind of okay.
The one below is really sad about it's hydration level.
And below is one in real distress.
The bubble below depicts my programmed sleepy time.
And the next morning the app will tell you if you reached or missed your goal the previous day.
Wouldn't it be nice if everyone believed in us like this? 😃

What methods do you use to keep yourself hydrated?

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