Monday, October 30, 2017


More was the word for Saturday, October 28. 

More ideas. Melvin cleaned off the bar which was populated with burnt matches, wax and etc from where they played with the candles and fire. He found a taper candle and then decided to bring in some holly branches. Pretty.

You may think, "Decorating for Christmas already?" No, we don't do Christmas so the boys think only of using what is available for decor.
Then the string lights that I had been gifted some time ago suddenly found a purpose. They reflect beautifully in the counter top. In the photo you see more in the counter top than otherwise.
More food from the garden. Melvin dug two sweet potato plants and came up with all this good nutrition! Why are they so cracked?
The island counter top got one more replacement of fabric and plastic. It needs a good Formica top but all in good time.
Old, cut up, worn out (nasty) top.
New fabric
New plastic
Good helper
More tomatoes from our friends made more juice for the shelves.

There were more jars than we needed so we found homes for them. 
Matthew went to the woods with his bow one more time. I snuck in behind him and grabbed a photo from the mirror while he camouflaged himself with scorched cork. He's seen deer but never gets a shot. 
How much more is in your life?

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