Thursday, December 20, 2018

Change of Occupation

Over the last year Thomas has helped an overhead doors contractor a lot. This contractor asked him if he would like to buy the business. The contractor was moving away from the area and his business covered three states- West Virginia, Maryland and Virginia.
It was a job that suited Thomas well. Repetitious work. Not a lot of time to estimate a job. Not a lot of time running after supplies. A lot less headache. But the cost of the business was prohibitive. We already had enough debt and the bank wouldn't give him the loan he needed. So he had to give it up. 
He continued helping the contractor occasionally with large jobs. After a few months the contractor said he has no one to buy the business so he'll either have to just quit and walk away or give it away. Was this from the Lord? 
Thomas chose to believe that it was and took over the door business. Now he is busier than he has ever been. The boys are able to help him and there's no shortage of work. No waiting on supplies. Except when the company sends the wrong thing. Like a 10 ft panel for a 14 ft door.
He has a few construction jobs left on his plate that have been driving him crazy. He can hardly wait to finish those up and get them off his mind. But we are grateful to have plenty of work that can be done even in rainy weather.
A lot of his jobs are just "handed to him" by a company that sells to a pole building company. These make up the majority of his work. They just call him, tell him when the doors need to be installed and ship the doors to the shop. How easy is that?
One problem we face is not owning a place to put the doors until they are installed. We are currently using the previous owner's shop but if he sells it, we're "up the creek". You can join us in prayer about that.

This job was a beast. In the top photo you can see mud. They said it was awful to work in. Mud sucking at your feet at every step.The doors were huge.

Another time they went, the concrete was poured, making it easier to work. Interestingly, the last name of the client was Boggs. The guys referred to this one as the Mud Bog job.

Praise the Lord for His goodness and His wonderful works to the children of men. Psalm 107:31

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